About us

Inside wealthy affiliate is powered by Gateka Corporation an online based business company founded by GATEKA Brice Arnaud.

GATEKA Brice Arnaud

I was born in Burundi – a small beautiful country located in Central-East Africa, I’m  a young professional, mathematician – graduate of the Polytechnic Section of the University of Burundi, passionate about data. I’m  currently working for one of the Big Tech Companies in the US as QA Specialist. I’am now Business Intelligence (BI) Analysis, Data Warehousing, and Data Analysis & Reporting. I owns a consultancy business, Gateka Consultancy operating under the Gateka Corporation.

         I have been struggling for many years trying to full fit my dream of starting my own business online.

After a long journey full of troubles, I just realized that it would have not been to hard and long to succeed If had had a honest guide.

After successfully founding Gateka Corporation I though about helping people dreaming to start a full time business online and earn passive income.

Inside Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is a giant legit affiliate marketing company, and it through it’s affiliate system, I owe my success and created my online business, so i  decided to dedicate this website “ Insidewealthyaffiliate.com ”on how to make money specially with Wealthy Affiliate.

on this website I will be sharing tips, lesson and ways to start your business using wealthy Affiliate.